DNA Testing

Submitting a sample for DNA testing is relatively simple and painless. To make your experience with us as streamlined and pleasant as possible, please take note of these requirements prior to your visit:

  • Ensure nothing has been in the mouth (including food and water) at least 15 minutes prior to administration of the test.
  • Bring adult identification, including Social Security Number and photo ID.
  • Bring your payment - cash, money order, credit card (extra fee applies).
  • Authorized adult (parent or legal guardian) must sign for child under 18.

DNA Testing Procedures:

  • Complete and sign authorization forms.
  • Saliva is collected from inside of each cheek with sterile Buccal swabs.
  • Photos are taken of both the alleged father and child.
  • Within 24 hours, all information and samples are sent by FEDEX to IDENTIGENE.
  • Most results are returned within 3 to 5 business days after receipt by IDENTIGENE.
  • Results have legal status in courts of law.
  • All results and information are kept confidential.

DNA Identification Services:

  • Paternity Testing

    o Motherless (or fatherless) Test
    o Trio Test
    o Grandpaternity Study
    o Family Reconstruction Study
  • Individual Profile
  • Forensic Testing
  • Call for additional information.

IDENTIGENE is accredited or certified by:

  • The American Association of blood Banks (AABB)
  • New York State Health Department - Paternity and Forensics
  • ASCLD/ISO 17025
  • Texas Department of Public Safety

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